Simple, upfront, uncomplicated

Benefits of mediation:

  • Saves parties money

  • Resolves issues much faster than through the family courts

  • Allows for a resolution that parties have control over and have ownership of

Intake Appointment


$250 per party


Prior to offering mediation each party must have a confidential one-on-one appointment with Jen to identify issues in dispute and determine if mediation is suitable and can go ahead.

Includes the issuing of a s60i Certificate if that is appropriate

Mediation Session

Up to 4 hours - $650 per party per session

Overtime fee $150 per party each​ hour (charged in hourly increments). The mediator will let parties know if the mediation is likely to run overtime. 

Drafting of agreement is included in fee.

Each person will be invoiced separately and payment is required in advance. Parties are responsible for paying their portion of fees unless otherwise agreed.

Relationship Mediation


Mediation for couples

who remain together

$455 in total for up to 4 hour session. 

Prices are subject to change without notice.  Please note cancellation fees apply and payments are non-refundable.