Mediation services

Mediator, Jen Regan specialises in alternative dispute resolution. Jen is passionate about assisting parties to self-determine their own arrangements in a safe and supportive setting.


Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)

Family Dispute Resolution is a mandatory pre-filing step in parenting and children's matters before parties can approach the Family Court unless you fall into an exempted category.

Mediation is a means for parties to self determine their co-parenting, grand-parenting or financial division with the assistance of a neutral third-party. 

FDR is a mediation process that normally involves you and your former partner meeting with a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (the FDR Practitioner) to try to sort out your family law issues. These issues might include who your children will live with after separation, how and when they will spend time with the other parent or family members, other matters about how the children are raised, such as what school they will go to etc.


During FDR, the FDR Practitioner helps you to discuss issues with your former partner and any other family members who are involved in the dispute (eg, grandparents) . The FDR Practitioner is independent and must remain impartial; they cannot give you legal advice or tell you what you should do.

If mediation cannot go ahead,or resolution is not achieved, the mediator may issue a s60i certificate.

Relationship Mediation

Partnership is not easy. Whether you are experiencing external pressures from your work or finances, you have grown apart due to the pressures of raising children, there has been infidelity or you simply want to build upon your rapport and intimacy, relationship mediation can help.


The relationship mediation process involves:

  • identifying the issues in dispute

  • listening to each other's concerns

  • considering all ideas and options

  • talking through possible solutions

  • being ready to compromise

Designed for couples who wish to remain together and require the assistance of a neutral and unbiased third party to negotiate in a supportive environment.
Happy Couple
Grandmother and Grandson

Elder Mediation

From time to time, concerns or conflict can arise between aged care residents, their families and their aged care providers.  Issues may relate to disputes about health care decisions, standards of care, living arrangements, conflict between carers and/or family members and communication.

 ​Residents and families in these situations require the restoration of relationships for future day to day care and ensuring that there is no negative impact upon the older person.

Disputes need to be resolved through a process that is respectful and that does not escalate the situation. All parties will have their voice heard through this facilitated mediation process.

Mediation is a process that involves a professional, compassionate and skilled practitioner helping people in conflict explore their options and reach agreements. The process is confidential and designed to help people communicate effectively, to focus on what is important to both parties and facilitate workable agreements.